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Before going into the rules and regulations for the Club. The Auckland Shooting Club Committee would like to welcome new members to the Club.

We have 4 goals for the Club:

  1. Firearms safety and education.
  2. A structured training program.
  3. The running of organised events and competitions.
  4. To build a social community based around the members.

The following rules have been implemented by the Committee of the Auckland Shooting Club Inc. Any dispensation from these rules must be submitted to a full Committee meeting for their consideration.


By way of membership or visitors fee, individuals are granted access on to private property and use of the facilities and ranges within the hours of operation under the rules and regulations set out in this document.

Applicants for membership must hold a current NZ firearms licence or in the case of a junior member, attend the Club’s junior safety and proficiency course.

Membership to the Club is granted at the discretion of the Committee. Membership may be declined by the Committee; no discussion needs to be entered into and no reason needs to be provided.

Membership may be revoked at any time for any reason by the Committee; no discussion needs to be entered into and no reason needs to be provided. There is also no refund of remaining fees.

Any member whose subscription is more than three (3) months in arrears shall be removed from membership. They may subsequently re-apply for a full years membership and the joining fee is payable.

There are no voting rights provided with membership of the Club. The Committee and Sub-Committee positions are appointed by the Club President, this is to ensure the smooth running of the Club and prevent against politics ruining the Club.


Any breach to the rules, regulations and range standing orders are viewed as serious and carry with them serious consequences. Anyone found to have broken Auckland Shooting Club rules, regulations or the range standing orders will face the Club’s disciplinary process.


Complaints may be made by any member of the Auckland Shooting Club.

Complaints must be made in writing to the Committee, within 5 working days of the matter occurring.

Once received the Committee will consider the complaint and provide a decision or request further information.

If requested, members may provide further information in writing to the Committee for consideration.

The Committee will provide a decision in writing back to the complainant. The Committee does not need to explain or justify its decision. The Committee’s decision is final and no further discussion will be entered into.


Members may be suspended or expelled by the Committee at any time with or without forfeiture of any subscription moneys which may have been paid. Any person whose membership may have been suspended or cancelled shall have the right to appeal in writing for consideration by the Committee. The Committee decision is final and no further discussion will be entered into.


Members who have had any of the following actions taken against them:

  • Their firearms licence has been suspended in accordance with s 124f of the Domestic Violence Act 1995.
  • Their firearms licence has been revoked in accordance with s 27 of the Arms Act 1983.
  • They have had an Endorsement (s) revoked in accordance with s s 33 of the Arms Act 1983.
  • They have been served with a “letter of consideration of revocation” by a Commissioned Officer of Police pertaining to either their firearms license and/or endorsement (s).
  • They have had their firearms license seized in accordance’s with s 18(1) (e) of the Search and Surveillance Act 2012.

Shall be immediately suspended from the Club.

In the event of a re-instatement or return of the license or endorsement(s) they may then apply to the Committee in writing for an end to the suspension of the membership to be considered.


As a member of the Auckland Shooting Club a certain standard of behaviour is expected that reflects the basic requirements of sportsmanship, integrity, courtesy and respect to be shown to all other members, visitor, competitors, officials and the public.

Without limiting the basic requirements of sportsman ship, integrity, courtesy and respect, matters of conduct likely to reflect unfavourably on the Club and sport include:

  • A disregard for one’s own safety or the safety of others.
  • Bad temper, range / prop / equipment damage, foul and abusive language.
  • Failure to adhere to the rules and etiquette of the Club.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct and unnecessary gamesmanship.
  • Physical violence and threatening behaviour.
  • Sexual harassment and discrimination.
  • Pictures or videos posted on social media which may harm the Club’s reputation or bring the Auckland Shooting Club or shooting sports into disrepute.
  • Inciting disharmony within the Club and the promotion of separation between disciplines and segregation between members.

A person engaging in any behaviour that may be detrimental to the Auckland Shooting Club or shooting sports is in breach of the code of conduct and should be reported to the Club Committee.

It is in the best interests of the Club that such behaviour is reported and all members and visitors are encouraged and have a duty to report such behaviour.


Members or visitors (shooters) are responsible for firearms in their charge. Any firearms accident means that one or more of the Club’s rules and regulations and safety rules were violated. That is why the Club demands that you accept full responsibility for your actions. It’s your gun, you’re shooting it, and you have full control of the "disaster factors". If you cannot accept responsibility, this is not the sport for you.

The Auckland Shooting Club accepts no liability for the actions of individuals who fail to follow the Club rules and regulations, range standing orders, safety processes and procedures, Police regulations or Arms Act.


The Club rules may be updated from time to time. The current version will always be available on the Club’s website. As a member it is up to you to periodically review the latest version of the rules. The Committee will also provide notice to members of any major rule changes. Your acceptance of the rules and regulations at the time of becoming a member continues with future changes of the rules. If you choose not to accept a future amendment of the rules, please notify the Committee to have your membership cancelled.



All members will receive a personal ID card / access card to give entry to the facility. It is the responsibility of the member to notify the Club if the card is lost or stolen. A replacement card is available for the cost of $15.

The member’s personal I.D, must be visibly worn at all times while at the Auckland Shooting Club.

All members must access the facility via the main gate and the access road.


Immediately on entering the range, every member and visitor shall sign the attendance book. Members will also be required to record their presence by swiping their personal ID card against the nominated card reader.


All visitors must be accompanied by a Club member of the Auckland Shooting Club while shooting on the ranges. The Club member is responsible for ensuring that the visitor is aware of the Club rules, regulations and range standing orders.

Members are limited to bringing up to 3 visitors at a time unless they have approval by the Committee.

All shooting undertaken by visitors must be directly supervised by an Auckland Shooting Club member standing within a reasonable distance to the shooter to maintain control.

Visitors without a NZ firearms licence are restricted to the use of .22 LR unless approved by the Club Training Officer, Club Approved Trainer or member of Committee. Visitors without a NZ firearms licence are considered potential members and may visit up to 3 times before they required to make the decision to join or not.

The Club member is responsible in making sure the visitor has paid the correct visitors fee, signed into the visitor’s book and has been issued with a visitor badge which they must visibly wear at all times while at the Auckland Shooting Club.

A spectator or someone who does not shoot while attending the Auckland Shooting Club is not required to pay the visitors fee, but is still required to sign into the visitor’s book and wear a ‘spectator’ badge.


Children under the age of 12 years may not shoot any firearm other than an air rifle / pistol unless approved by the Club Training Officer, Club Approved Trainer or member of Committee.

All children while at the Auckland Shooting Club need to be supervised.


All members are required to keep their address and contact details up to date through the Club’s membership website.


No alcohol or drugs are to be consumed prior to, or during shooting. Any person consuming alcohol, or under the effect of alcohol while shooting will immediately be expelled from the range, and the matter followed up with regards to further disciplinary action if deemed appropriate.


Wilful damage to any Club equipment, structure or asset caused by irresponsible shooting or any other means will not be tolerated. Such actions will result in immediate suspension and a full Committee hearing to determine the future membership status of such offenders.

When using the facility rooms and kitchen, please clean up afterwards.

Areas outside of the main gate, access road, facilities and ranges as well as rooms or buildings displaying “Access only for NZSSC staff” are not available for use or access by Auckland Shooting Club members.

Areas marked by Everson Earthmoving Ltd are work zones deemed hazardous areas and are not available for use or access by Auckland Shooting Club members.

No work on any of the facilities or ranges may be undertaken by members without the express permission of the Committee.

Firearms may be carried in the clubrooms and car park area so long as they are unloaded and inside of a suitable bag, case, box or worn in the holster.

No shooting of wildlife or stray animals on the range or facility without the express permission of the Committee.


The facilities for ASC have been created by the property owners and are intended to be a long-term asset for shooters and shooting. Members play a vital role in the care and cleanliness of the ranges and as such are required to tidy up after they have shot. Time should be allowed following your shooting to remove old targets, spent shell casings and wads and any general rubbish you have created. Take home any plastic bottles or food containers rather than disposing of them at the range.

As a general rule, aim to leave the range in the same or better condition than you found it.


Monday to Sunday 9am – 5pm

No shooting may take place outside of these hours.


The entire property including the buildings, ranges and facility is smoke free. No smoking is permitted including any form of electronic cigarette. Anyone found smoking may have their membership suspended or cancelled.


Members, visitors, range staff and spectators must all wear adequate ear, eye and foot protection while on any of the Auckland Shooting Club ranges.

In the event that you require first aid of a minor nature, there is a first aid box located in the clubrooms, under the sign in counter.


In the event of a serious emergency, other than a gunshot wound, dial 111. Our address is 287 Tuhirangi Road, Makarau. If the Westpac helicopter is dispatched, they will be able to land at the range. Do not move the patient.

In the event of an accident the following procedure is to occur.

  1. Cease all firing and make safe all firearms except those involved in an accident (see 5).
  2. Render First Aid – if necessary / possible evacuate the person to medical facilities (Nearest A&E is Silverdale Medical – 7 Polarity Rse, Silverdale)
  3. Seal off the area.
  4. Make no attempt to remove or strip the firearm.
  5. Advise the police.
  6. Advise the Club President.
  7. Advise the Executive Officer of Pistol N.Z.
  8. It is important that all range users are aware of this section and fully comply with it in the event of an accident involving a firearm


Defined areas (SAFETY ZONES) are set aside where members may clean or repair guns, dry fire or show them to another person.

Guns may not be removed from holsters, boxes or gun bags in the clubrooms, outside the Safety Zone or range area except for Committee approved occasion eg a training course or presentation.

Ammunition may not be handled in the safety zone under any circumstances. This includes spent shell casings and dummy ammunition.


The ranges are certified by Pistol New Zealand and approved by the NZ Police.

Members are required to read and comply with the range standing orders that apply to each range. The range standing orders are also considered rules of the Club and breaches to them carry the same consequences as a breach of the Club rules.

A copy of the range standing orders are available on the Club notice board and through the Club’s membership website.


Only Club Approved Trainers and members of the Committee are authorised to deliver the Club training courses and provide personal coaching to members. We do not discourage members learning from each other, but unauthorised members charging other members for training is a breach of the Club rules.


No member is to operate any commercial activity at the Auckland Shooting Club without the express permission of the Committee.


No member of the Auckland Shooting Club is authorised to make any statement to the media without the express permission of the Committee. If a member of the Club or visitor is part of the media and wishes to conduct a media story about the Auckland Shooting Club, they must contact the Committee.



Members can only shoot on the ranges. Shooting is entirely prohibited on the rest of property at 287 Tuhirangi Road.


Every person entering the range, whether member or visitor, places themselves under the direct control of the Range Officer, Committee member or their assistants and must at all times comply with such person’s lawful directions and instructions.

No person shall refuse to obey the lawful instructions of the Range Officer or any other official acting in the proper function of the affairs of their office.

No person shall enter or leave the range with a loaded firearm.

The firearm needs to be transported to and from the range in suitable bag, case or box.

No firearm shall be loaded until the shooter is on the firing line and the command "LOAD" has been given by the Range Officer. When not at the firing line, firearms will be unloaded at all times. Special conditions apply to holster qualified members while involved in action and practical match shooting.


All members must be able to understand and respond to all range commands. People with hearing disabilities or language barriers must be able to show that they will be able to safely participate in pistol competitions, prior to applying to Committee for probationary membership.

It is incumbent upon shooters to make themselves familiar with the variety of firing point commands used in the various matches.

No person on the firing line shall touch a firearm while any other person is forward of the firing line.

No person shall load their firearm without first being given the command to “LOAD” by the Range Officer.

The muzzle of the firearm when loaded must always be pointed downrange in a safe direction unless in the case of a pistol when it is made safe and holstered.

The Range Officer shall personally check shooters guns are cleared and “SAFE” before declaring the range “CLEAR” and allowing shooters forward of the shooting line.

The safety of competitors, range staff and spectators requires continual attention by all concerned. Correct firearm handling procedures must be adhered to at all times. Caution must be exercised while moving on or about the range complex. Self discipline and a responsible attitude is necessary on the part of competitors, range staff and spectators. Where such self control is lacking, it is the responsibility of the Range Officer to enforce such conditions, competitors are also duty bound to assist in such enforcement.

The firing point will be kept clear at all times except for competitors actually firing and such range staff as may be necessary. Any person, competitor or otherwise, who interferes with or annoys any competitor in any way will be warned to desist, and failure to comply will result in that person being ordered off the range.

It is the duty of all shooters to clean up their firing points at the completion of their shoot. The range should also be swept, empty brass removed and in general left in a clean and tidy condition.


If more than 1 shooter is on the range a Range Officer must be nominated. The Range Officer is in complete charge of the range. Failure to comply with his/her lawful instructions will result in immediate suspension.

No shooter may move on the range with a loaded firearms unless they hold a holster qualification or have completed the Club’s practical rifle and shotgun course or as part of a Club training program or have had approval by the Club Training Officer, an Approved Club Trainer or member of Committee.

Target placement must be carefully considered in order that all shoot through, stray or deflecting projectiles strike harmlessly into the berm.

Reckless disregard for yourself or others will result in immediate suspension by the Range Officer or acting Committee member.

It is the responsibility of any member who witnesses willful damage or safety violations, to act on the matter immediately and then report the same to a Committee member forthwith.

All safety violations will be dealt with immediately, as appropriate, on the range. The matter will then be referred to a full Committee meeting for their consideration and ruling.

In the event that a member or visitor accumulates three safety violations, that person will be required to appear before a full Committee meeting wherein their membership status may be reviewed.

The Range Officer will check no person is forward of the shooting line before issuing the command to “LOAD”


A Range Officer is a Club member who has sat and passed the PNZ Club Range Officers test.

At all times when there is someone shooting on the range, a suitably qualified individual is nominated as the Range Officer.

All shooters on the range place themselves under the direction of the Range Officer and will comply with all shooting commands and directions given. Failure to comply with his/her lawful instructions will result in immediate suspension.


The following ammunition must NOT be used on any range administered by the Auckland Shooting Club

  • Tracer ammunition
  • Incendiary ammunition
  • Armour piercing ammunition
  • Explosive ammunition (all types)
  • Air pistol pellets containing steel / copper / tungsten inserts
  • Steel shot - on steel targets
  • Shotgun solids / slugs - on steel targets
  • Any ammunition using a sabot


Rifles, shotguns and pistol carbines are to be transported from your car to the range or safety zone in a suitable bag or case.

A rifle, shotgun or pistol carbine is deemed to be in a “SAFE” condition when it is fully unloaded, the action open and chamber flag inserted. In the case of a double barrelled shotgun – when the action is broken open.

Rifles, shotguns or pistol carbines may be moved between the safety zone, rifle/shotgun racks, the range and between ranges, but must display a clearly visible chamber flag and the muzzle pointing directly up. In the case of a double barrelled shotgun, this can be with the action broken.

A qualified Range Officer may also make “SAFE” and remove a rifle or shotgun from the range while a competitor is forward in the case of a multi-gun match.

Speed steel targets which use the wooden post are not to be shot at with a shotgun.



You are not entitled to purchase or carry a pistol until you have been granted a "B" endorsement.

Prior to the Committee recommending a "B" endorsement you must have been a member of the Club for a minimum of 6 months, attended an induction course, the pistol training program and passed the Pistol New Zealand (PNZ) Safety Test and PNZ Cub Range Officers Test. These courses are an introduction to pistol shooting which looks at all aspects of the sport. You must also have participated in no less than twelve recorded shoots during your first six months of membership.

On completion of the six months membership, providing you have meet the attendance and training criteria, you may approach the Club Secretary requesting that an application for "B" endorsement to be lodged. This is not an automatic Committee procedure.

Once you have been granted a "B" endorsement you must abide by the Arms Regulations 1992 which requires you to attend and shoot no less than twelve times within any twelve month interval. Failure to do so may result in your license being revoked by the police.


If a member is transferring from another pistol club with a B endorsement, they do not need to go through the B endorsement process with ASC. If however they have not completed their B endorsement upon application, then they will need to complete the B endorsement process with the Auckland Shooting Club.

If a member wishes to transfer to another pistol club then the PNZ "Letter of Transfer" shall be used if requested.


The following is an outline of the stages a member goes through in order to obtain a B endorsement. Members should complete each stage in order to prevent any delays further on down the track.

  1. The member contacts the Club Training Officer to express interest in obtaining a B endorsement.
  2. The member completes the PNZ FM1 form, submits it to Committee and pays the PNZ fee.
  3. The member obtains a copy of the Pistol Training Manual from the Club Training Officer.
  4. The member commences the Auckland Shooting Club’s structured pistol training program and books into the pistol training courses through the members website.
  5. After 6 months and having completed the Club’s structured pistol training program, the member may apply to Committee for a B endorsement.

    The following criteria must be met before an application for a "B" endorsement is submitted to the Committee.

    • The applicant is a current financial member of the Club.
    • The member has attended an induction course.
    • The member has completed the Club’s pistol training program.
    • The member has completed no less than 12 recorded shoots.
    • The member must have a current New Zealand Firearms licence.
    • The member has served a minimum of six months at the Club.
    • Sat and passed the PNZ Safety test
    • Sat and passed the PNZ Club Range Officers test


    As part of joining PNZ, members agree to the following conditions:

    1. A minimum six month probation period
    2. To abide by the rules of Pistol New Zealand (Inc)


    1. Obtain an application form for "B" endorsement from the local Police arms office and pay endorsement fee at Post Office.
    2. Probationary member completes this form and sends it to the Club Secretary.
    3. The application for "B" endorsement goes before the Committee.
    4. The application for "B" endorsement is approved or declined, then forwarded to the PNZ.
    5. The member receives application form back from the PNZ with their endorsement.
    6. The member may now make formal application to the Police for "B" endorsement.
    7. The Police handle the application and deal directly with the member.


    To maintain your "B" endorsement, members must ;

    • Be a current financial member of a recognised pistol club
    • Must shoot no less than twelve "recorded shoots" a year.
    • Abide by the legal requirements and Club rules and regulations.

    Failure to comply with these conditions may result in your "B" endorsement being revoked and could require all pistol on your license to be surrendered


    A pistol is deemed to be in a “SAFE” condition when it is fully unloaded and hammer down. Once “SAFE” a pistol may be worn in a suitable holster and carried on the ranges.

    Holstered guns must be worn correctly with the gun belt through the trouser belt loops, or similar method of stabilising such equipment.

    Only holster qualified members are permitted to draw and holster a loaded pistol.

    Members who are not holster qualified may only wear a holstered pistol while under a training program directly supervised by the Auckland Shooting Club’s Training Officer, qualified Holster Instructor or other authorized persons, or with the special consent of the Training Officer.


    Before a member can apply for a Permit to Procure from the Police. They will need to obtain an LE2/1 form from the Club Armourer. An application form for an LE2/1 form can be found on the member website.

    At such time the Club Armourer will confirm they have a B endorsement, is a current financial member of the Club, do not hold more than 12 pistols, as well as suitability of the pistol for use in pistol shooting competitions. Upon satisfying all these requirements the Club Armourer will issue the LE2/1 form.


    Pistol New Zealand website provides for pistol shooters who wish to compete overseas, or import a firearm or parts, the necessary forms to export and / or import firearms.

    The process is outlined on the PNZ website, which all clubs have to follow.

    Here is the link:


    Any B endorsed member resigning from the Auckland Shooting Club needs to notify the Club Secretary in writing.

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