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Training Courses

Whether you are brand new to shooting, or an experienced shooter. The Auckland Shooting Club has a range of training available for its members including the option of personalised training.

Training courses are booked through the members portal and only appear to members once logged in.

If you have any questions regarding training – please contact the Training Director at or speak with one of the Club Approved Trainers.

Compulsory training

  • Induction Course

All members are required to complete the Club’s Induction Course. This sets out the general safety rules, basic requirements for a member, and range procedures. Also at the induction members receive their ID/Access card. Following the Induction Course, if you are an experienced shooter who is familiar with shooting at a range with others, then you are free to use the facilities and attend Club matches.

  • Junior Safety and Proficiency Course

If you are a junior shooter (under the age of 18) and do not have a New Zealand Firearms Licence. Then you are required to complete the Club’s Junior Safety and Proficiency course to become a member. This does not replace the NZ Firearms Licence, junior members are expected to obtain their licence as soon as eligible.

Optional Training – Included in membership fee

  • Basic Rifle and Shotgun Course

This course is designed for absolute novice shooters who have not been a member of a shooting club before and have just recently acquired their firearms licence and have no to little experience with firearms.

In this course you will cover things such as:

·       The parts of a firearm
·       Range safety procedures and range commands
·       How to hold a firearm and use the sights
·       Loading, unloading and reloading
  • Pistol Training Course

Those members who are interested in obtaining their B endorsement (an endorsement to own a pistol) may go through the Club’s Pistol Training course. This process takes 6 months before an application can be made for the B endorsement. Members are also required to join Pistol New Zealand (PNZ).

Start by booking into the Pistol Training - Basic 01 course. At this course you will receive your Pistol Training Manual and begin your journey towards getting your B endorsement.

Optional Training – Not included in membership fee

  • Pistol Holster Course

In order to draw a loaded pistol from the holster or move on range with firearm – members are required to have the PNZ holster qualification by passing the Pistol Holster Course.

  • Practical rifle and shotgun course

If you are intending to move on range with a loaded rifle in such events as IPSC rifle and do not hold the equivalent pistol holster qualification – then you will need to go through the Club’s Practical rifle and shotgun course.

  • Club Range Officers Course

All members should go through the Club Range Officers Course – This course sets out the safety procedures on a range as well as range commands and what it is to be a range officer to other shooters.

  • Personal Coaching – Not included in membership fee

Members wanting to receive personal attention with their training may choose from our Club Approved Trainers to get one on one coaching – much in the same way as you would get a personal trainer at the gym. The Club Approved Trainers have varying skills, so discuss your needs directly with one of them.

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