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Firearms License Process

A New Zealand Firearms Licence is mandatory prior to joining the Club.

Below is the process and information on obtaining a New Zealand Firearms Licence


1. Complete the Application for a New Zealand firearms licence.

2. Take application to a Post Shop and pay the application fee. Remember to keep your receipt.

Fees are covered here

3. Deliver your application to the nearest Police station. Take with you

    • Your application form
    • The PostShop receipt
    • 2 recent passport style photos
    • 3 documents that prove your identity (passport, birth certificate, drivers licence, photo ID, credit card etc...)

4. The Police will then carry out an initial background check

5. Complete the new firearms safety programme - Click on the links below for more information:

6. Police will interview your referees and complete a check of your security

7. Police then evaluate if you are a fit and proper person to possess or use firearms, then issue your firearms licence.


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